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The most sacred indicator of earnings in Anatolia has always been “sweat of the brow”. Agriculture-based industrialization, which will increase the added value of crops harvested, is extremely important for our country.
Manav Feed inc. was founded by Hasan Manav in Biga, Çanakkale in 1994. Manav Feed inc, which continues its activities in the Marmara and Aegean Regions, aims to expand further by opening to new markets in Turkey and abroad in a short time. In the field of agriculture and animal husbandry “Manav Group” is operating with the name “Manav Agriculture and Livestock Inc” Certified rice seed production is carried out by Manav Agriculture. In our Research & Development farm within Manav Livestock, we are making the trials of the feeds that we have produced and we make maximum efforts to produce better products in every passing day.

For increasing of human population in the world and our country, reaching of quality, healthy and sufficient animal products to other people is becoming more important every year. On the basis of the production of animal products is efficient animal feeding. As Manav Feed inc., we have been with our growers for 25 years with our high quality and balanced concentrate feeds.
“There is the sweat of blow in our effort.”

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