Finish Fattening Feed (15% Crude Protein – 2800 Kcal Metabolizable Energy/kg)

Finish Fattening Feed is a concentrate feed, which provides necessary protein, energy, and other nutrients to the fattening cattle that have entered the last period of fattening (12 Months to Slaughter).

Raw Materials Used for the Production of Finish Fattening Feed

Finish Fattening Feed is manufactured from corn, barley, corn gluten, soybean meal (46% crude protein), canola meal, sunflower meal (36% crude protein – dehulled), dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS) and wheat bran.

Raw Materials NOT Used for the Production of Finish Fattening Feed

Wheat (causes rumen lactic acidosis due to faster starch digestion), urea (NPN), ammonium sulphate (NPN), sunflower hulls, sunflower meal (28% crude protein), animal byproducts, all food industry wastes (biscuits, pastry, chocolates, chips, nuts, etc.) are not used in the manufacturing of Manav Yem products.

Advantages of Use

Finish Fattening Feed is manufactured from quality protein and energy sources to provide fast and high weight gain in fattening cattle and shortens the fattening period resulting in increased profitability.

Finish Fattening Feed with high quality (27% bypass) protein content provides necessary amino acids required for protein synthesis to maximize fattening performance; on the other hand, minimizes nitrogen (urea) losses.

Finish Fattening Feed reduces undesirable subcutaneous and abdominal fat accumulation; increases carcass yield and percentage.

The use of quality raw materials and vitamins-minerals premix in Finish Fattening Feed production provides protection against the oxidation of red meat, thus maintains product quality and extends shelf life.

Finish Fattening Feed prevents the development of rumen lactic acidosis and thereby of scours and lameness, which adversely affect fattening performance due to the safe grain (slowly digested) sources.

Finish Fattening Feed with high-quality premix content supports the immune system and provides effective protection against diseases and thereby improves the fattening performance of beef cattle.

Metabolic or digestive problems caused by toxins do not develop in cattle fed with Finish Fattening Feed owing to the use of quality and safe raw materials.

Recommendations for Use

The provision of Finish Fattening Feed in a total mixed ration with roughages (corn silage, alfalfa hay, straw, vetch hay, ryegrass hay, etc.) to fattening cattle can lead to better fattening performance.

Cattle fed with Finish Fattening Feed should have free (ad libitum) access to clean drinking water, mineral blocks, and high-quality roughages.

The provision of Finish Fattening Feed in two meal times is the most suitable feeding regime.

At least, a 7 day transient period from one concentrate to another one should be done to protect the digestive system health and to enable the cattle to adapt to the new feed.

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