Manav Barley Flake

Barley Flake with high starch gelatinization is more digestible (15%) than crushed barley. It improves carcass quality and carcass yield-percentage and shortens the fattening period, which in turn results in an increase in profitability by 10-15%. Barley flake provides a desirable level of improvement in meat quality and marbling.

 Advantages of Use

Manav Barley Flake provides nearly 100% nutrient digestibility both in cattle and small ruminants due to the difference in the processing of barley.
Manav Barley Flake improves the degree of marbling and meat quality in fattening animals.
Manav Barley Flake provides faster weight gain in fattening animals, shortening the fattening period, and increases farm profitability.

Target Animals

Manav Barley Flake is used for the feeding of cattle (dairy and beef cattle) and of small ruminants (fattening lamb, dairy sheep, and goats).

Differences in Barley Flake and Crushed Barley

Manav Barley Flake is more delicious and fragrant as compared to crushed barley. Therefore it increases feed intake and improves meat or milk production of animals.

As the starch gelatinization of Manav Barley Flake is high, the digestibility of barley, which is about 80% in the crushed form, can go up to 95% in the flake form.

Manav Barley Flake improves carcass quality (marbling), yield, and percentage, shortens the fattening period, and increases profitability by 10-15%.

Manav Barley Flake leads to the fast recovery of the uterus in lactating cows after birth, reduces the risk of negative energy balance, and thus can cause early conceiving.
Manav Barley Flake does not get moldy and keeps its freshness longer.

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