Yearling Lamb Feed (%14 Crude Protein – 2750 Kcal Metabolizable Energy/kg)

Yearling Lamb Feed is a concentrate feed, which provides quality protein, energy, and other nutrients at optimum levels for fast growth and development of yearling lambs from 6 months till 12 months of age.

Raw Materials Used for the Production of Yearling Lamb Feed

Yearling Lamb Feed is manufactured from corn, barley, corn gluten, soybean meal (46% crude protein), canola meal, sunflower meal (36% crude protein – dehulled), dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS), and wheat bran.

Raw Materials NOT Used for the Production of Yearling Lamb Feed

Wheat (causes rumen lactic acidosis due to faster starch digestion), urea (NPN), ammonium sulphate (NPN), sunflower hulls, sunflower meal (28% crude protein), animal byproducts, all food industry wastes (biscuits, pastry, chocolates, chips, nuts, etc.) are not used in the manufacturing of Manav Yem products.

Advantages of Use

Yearling Lamb Feed contains quality and delicious raw materials, which provide a nice aroma and flavor and is willingly consumed by lambs.

Yearling Lamb Feed with quality protein and energy sources and premix of vitamins and minerals provides fast growth and high weight gain. It enables late weaned or undernourished lambs to reach the slaughtering age in a shorter period.

Yearling Lamb Feed is manufactured from quality raw materials with high digestibility to enhance growth and development.

Yearling Lamb Feed contains feed additives to prevent urinary calculi (kidney and bladder stones – urolithiasis), which causes lamb losses and death.

Yearling Lamb Feed prevents the development of rumen lactic acidosis and thereby of scours, which adversely affect fattening performance due to the safe grain (slowly digested) sources.

Yearling Lamb Feed with a quality premix of vitamins and minerals supports the immune system, thereby increases the resistance of lambs against diseases.

Metabolic or digestive problems (scours) caused by toxins do not develop in lambs fed with Yearling Lamb Feed.

Recommendations for Use

Yearling Lamb Feed is used for yearling lambs from 6 months to 12 months of age.

Yearling Lamb Feed can be used in the farms for meat or dairy breed sheep or only in the farms for yearling lamb fattening.

A 7 day transient period from the present feed to Yearling Lamb Feed must be done for the adaptation of the digestive tract.

Roughage (ryegrass, straw, vetch hay, etc.) should be offered to lambs to prevent metabolic problems (ruminal lactic acidosis), which occur after the excessive consumption of concentrate feeds.

Yearling Lamb Feed should not be allowed to get dirty and stale for lamb health and efficient nutrient digestion.

Lambs should have free access to fresh and clean drinking water and mineral blocks.

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